How To Master Twitter: Always Begin With The Fans

Twitter has a become a go-to social media platform for artists, musicians and traditional media outlets. Twitter’s aim has always been to create conversations and — because of this — music fans continue to flock to the social media platform.

Twitter has gained the reputation with music lovers as being a place where they can directly connect with tastemakers and find the best music. The sense of community has become undeniable and offers musicians a different ecosystem outside of Facebook.

The use of hashtags have allowed artists, executives and content creators to follow the conversation around their favorite brands. The real-time aspect of Twitter presents a potential for growth that carries value for any musician. It sets Twitter apart from Facebook because you can connect and engage with your fan base and potential followers for free.

Every content creator understands the importance of connecting with the people that support your creative well-being. For anyone looking to build a fan base on Twitter, it’s simply a numbers game.

First and foremost, start with your core product and then develop a strategy behind that core product to put yourself in a position to connect with the right people. Twitter is the perfect place to build your fan base given the motivation and dedication is present.

“Always begin with the fans!”

Music fans are constantly on the search for new music and Twitter is the perfect place to engage, inspire and motivate.

Now lets go over 20 facts that make Twitter a go-to social media platform for artists, content creators and music fans.

Facts About Twitter

  1. Twitter has  monetizable daily active users.
  2.  of Twitter’s daily users are American.
  3.  of the U.S. population is familiar with Twitter (even if they don’t use it).
  4.  of adults in the U.S. use Twitter.
  5.  of U.S. 18- to 24-year-olds use Twitter.
  6. U.S.-based Twitter users are  than the general U.S. population.
  7. The most active U.S. Twitter users have , on average.
  8. 12% of Americans get their news from Twitter ( on Twitter are using it to read news.).
  9. Twitter’s site referral traffic is  (Instagram: 56%, Facebook: 29%, YouTube: 22%).
  10. Twitter users are more likely to like brands that are .
  11. Twitter ad engagement is up .
  12. Twitter ads with video are  in cost-per-engagement.
  13. Twitter users spend  than other social media users.
  14. Twitter users spend .
  15.  of Twitter’s most prolific users use scheduling software.
  16. Tweets with hashtags gets .
  17. People watch  on Twitter per day.
  18. Watching video is the  people use Twitter.
  19. Tweets with video get .
  20.  of video views on Twitter happen on mobile.

For musicians, your brand will be the first encounter that fans have with you on Twitter. Before they make the decision to listen, follow or retweet. They will ultimately be judging you based off of:

1. The conversations around your music or what you present on your timeline.

2. Your visual image and aesthetics.

3. Your followers. (Are you an upcoming or established artist?)

This fact alone is why your personal brand should take the lead when developing a Twitter strategy for your music career.

A solid brand is crucial when building your network and creating rapport with your supporters, fellow artists and labels. The ultimate goal is to have your brand resonate with your target audience, no matter it be fans, label executives or concert promoters.

If connecting with fans online is one of your goals, Twitter is the perfect social media platform to get started. Although there is a lot of noise, Twitter is the perfect place to deploy growth strategies. There is a wealth of creatives, artists and music professionals to connect with through the sharing of blog posts, websites, news, videos, photos and podcasts.

The convenience at play is that there are millions of people using Twitter as a source for content consumption. From super fans to tastemakers, Twitter has been a mainstay for artists, musicians and content creators to create conversations. The simplicity of Twitter is a big factor. This dynamic allows for artists of every stature to create value.

Twitter is also full of fans who listen, share and buy music.

Growing your Twitter fan base can also be translated to ticket sales, increase in merchandise purchases and other valuable conversions.

Music fans on Twitter are also instrumental in shaping the streaming landscape — according to a Twitter-commissioned study, 42% of Twitter music listeners say their followers come to them for recommendations on what to play next.

Twitter fans are usually on the frontline when it comes to what’s hot or what’s gaining popularity. The social media platform has become a place for fans to share links through YouTubeSoundCloud and Spotify.

Fans on Twitter can influence people to stream new music or watch a popular video. This can be a major help for musicians when it comes to climbing the streaming charts.

Twitter also offers a big opportunity for upcoming artists. A whopping — 45% of Twitter fans say that they could afford to spend more money on tickets for concerts and music in general.

This plays out major for all artists, musicians and content creators who are looking to gain traction and increase value. By brand association alone, new artists can capitalize off of already established fan bases on Twitter by targeting them through paid advertising or just simply joining the conversation.

Some great examples of already established Twitter fan bases are:

These fan bases can help push upcoming artists and they also mold what fans stream throughout the Twitter ecosystem.

These are also the music fans who play a major role in “”.

As artists, you want to create an ecosystem around your content. This is important because different people consume different types content formats. People read, watch videos or find pleasure in looking at photos. As an artist, you may only utilize audio, video and imagery. The extra push from other parties can help your content go viral and make that the standard for your content moving forward.

I deep dive into the benefits of social engineering and content marketing in the article below.

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Twitter is a great place to start when cultivating a fan base.

Although these music fans range far and wide across the globe. 48% of fans on Twitter follow and stay up to date with artists, musicians and content creators. As discussed earlier, the most active followers fall into subgroups devoted to one individual artist.

Twitter fans are also very active on ‎#NewMusicFriday, this is where music fans live-Tweet about new music, videos and albums. This tradition has been a mainstay on the social media platform and has shaped when artists release music. #NewMusicFriday is a true testament of Twitter’s ability to influence strategy and create value.

Twitter provides music fans with a sense of community.

Branding starts with conversations and Twitter fans can help an artist by giving their hot take on what’s new and what is worth a listen. They also can provide a critique on new albums and the details of an upcoming tour.

Every content creator understands there’s nothing like FREE PROMO.

Setup Lists and Follow Hashtags

One of the knocks on Twitter is that it used to be hard to follow. Every early adopter of Twitter can attest to this fact. Overtime the Twitter UX team has addressed these issues by making the Twitter experience more enticing for the casual user and the investments have paid off.

Now with the addition of threads and more people utilizing lists. You can categorize your fan base, followers or network as you see fit. The ability to organize information has also separated Twitter from Facebook.

In the early days, it used to be that if you weren’t on Twitter and someone tweeted something you wouldn’t see it until you accessed the app, performed a search or visited the user’s profile.

The overall idea of Twitter is that you are online with other people at the same time (in real-time). Understandably, you won’t be able to see what everyone is tweeting at a given moment.

This is why lists and hashtags are key to the flow of communication and engaging with your fan base.

Twitter is essentially a giant public chat room for all to see. So conversations are an important aspect of building your brand and getting others to notice your work.

Twitter provides a setting for you to filter your timeline by ‘Latest tweets’ or ‘Top tweets’.

The ‘Latest tweets’ setting will display real-time tweets and the ‘Top tweets’ setting will display tweets from the accounts that you interact with the most.

The timeline setting can be switched back and forth, so that way you can stay up to date with everything that is happening while you’re not on Twitter.

In addition to using these growth strategies, here are some more tips below to help make your Twitter experience more efficient.

  •  and see what they’ve tweeted or set up alerts to get a notification every time they tweet.
  •  Then select the “Live” tab to see ‘real-time tweets’ that are a part of the larger conversation.
  •  Download the mobile app on your phone so you can get push notifications, such as ‘Popular Tweets’, Network activity and related news when it breaks. This is a great feature when you are trying to keep an eye on certain topics or content creators and can’t be online at every second.

Music fans on Twitter provide the social media platform with new, genuine and ever evolving endorsements for artists, content creators and music professionals.

As the social media platform grows, so will the opportunity to connect with fans who have the influence to push content and grow brands.

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