How To Use Twitter Ads

How To Use Twitter Ads

People send out 500 million of tweets per day and Twitter’s advertising platform is a great way to separate your brand from the noise. Twitter ads are a great way to communicate with users other than your followers that may be interested in your brand, as well as getting your products in front of your target audience.

Data from Twitter suggests that the ad platform’s future is very promising. Ad engagements are up 69% over the last year, coupled with a 28% decrease in cost per ad engagement.

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Twitter has introduced a number of new super-clean ad formats in hopes that this will draw more users to the platform.

In this article, I am going to deep dive into the particulars of why (and how) you can benefit from Twitter advertising. This will include a complete setup and launch of your first campaign.

Types Of Twitter Ads

Promoted-only Tweets

Promoted-only Tweets are a pretty straight forward advertising tool. These are tweets that an advertiser pays to have placed in front of users that don’t already follow them on Twitter.

They are regular tweets and can be retweeted or liked. The only difference is that they’ll have the “Promoted” label at the bottom as highlighted below.

These tweets will show up on mobile and desktop, at the top of search results, on targeted users timelines and on profiles.

Promoted Accounts

These advertisements are also known as “Follower Campaigns” and they allow you to target Twitter users who might engage with your content by ‘suggesting’ your Twitter account for users to follow.

These accounts will be promoted in the “Who To Follow” section of Twitter, as well as search results and in targeted user’s timelines. The “Promoted Accounts” will clearly feature a ‘Follow’ button and will be clearly labeled “Promoted”.

Promoted Trends

These advertisements are promoted with the trending topics on Twitter. They will appear at the top, with all the other trending topics and on the ‘Explore’ tab on the Twitter Desktop. Your ‘Promoted Trend’ will appear at the top of the trending topics list.

Trending topics are a major feature on Twitter. Twitter users will click on the ‘Explore’ tab on desktop or the ‘magnifying glass’ icon on mobile to access trending topics. When users make these selections they will see an organic list with your ‘Promoted’ tweet at the top of the list.

You exposure will increase as Twitter users start to use your hashtag, this increase in exposure will boost the reach of your campaign and give you additional organic traffic to your tweets.

‘Promoted Trends’ are usually for bigger brands that carry a heavier weight with users. They are not accessible through Twitter’s self-serve advertisement platform.

If your are interested in learning more about your eligibility or what are the guidelines for starting a ‘Promoted Trends’ campaign, you can contact a Twitter Sales Representative by visiting Agency resources.

Automated Ads: Twitter Promote Mode

Twitter Promote Mode’, if you’re fairly new to advertising online and you want to gather data or you’re not sure of how much to spend on a campaign.

You will want to consider Twitter’s automated ads as an option.

The Twitter campaign charges a monthly fee of $99/month (USD), plus tax. Once you set up payment, you will have the option to turn on ‘Promote Mode’ and your first ten tweets of everyday are automatically promoted to your target audience.

These tweets will also have to make it past Twitter’s quality filter. Replies, Quote Tweets and Retweets will never be promoted. So before you begin, make sure that you have at least a week or two of Tweets planned out for promotion. This will also include a Promoted Account campaign.

If you do decide to use Twitter ‘Promote Mode’ you can expect to gain 30 or more followers per month. As well as reaching 30,000 or more Twitter users per month.

For artists, musicians and content creators your brand is your first encounter with potential followers. Before fans make the decision to follow you or engage with your content they will ultimately be judging you based off of your visual image.

This fact alone is why your personal brand should take the lead when developing a social media strategy for your career. A solid brand is crucial when building your network and creating rapport with other artists, labels and industry regulars.

The ultimate goal is to have your brand resonate with your target audience, no matter it be fans, label executives or concert promoters. If branding yourself online is one of your goals, Twitter is the perfect platform to get started.

Although, there is a lot of noise when it comes to Twitter. There is a wealth of creatives, artists and professionals to connect with through the sharing of blog posts, websites, news, videos, photos and podcasts.

The convenience at play is that there are millions of people using Twitter as a marketing platform. So there is plenty of examples to take note of, as well connecting with content creators who have similar mindsets.

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