Master The Art of Content Marketing: How To Increase Conversions

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Content marketing is all about knowing what turns your target audience on and what doesn’t. There are a number of benefits when it comes to mastering content marketing. These benefits include increased brand awareness, more attention, brand loyalty & creating an online community that views your content as a reliable source of information.

Along with helping you achieve your business objectives, the content iteration process is a great tool to use when it comes to gathering data on your target audience. This can be achieved in two ways:

  1. A/B testing. What works, what doesn’t.
  2. Observation, being timely & governing (organization+consistency).

No matter what industry you’re a part of, content marketing is a great way to mine data on your most engaged users. The key is to feed them the necessary content, products & services when they’re most interested. This in return will help you create conversation, attract the right prospects and increase conversions.

Netflix is a great example of how to use content marketing to increase conversions. Everything from their messaging architecture to paid advertising. Netflix’s content infrastructure — as a whole — imitates how content is consumed from social media to print media (identically). As humans, this speaks directly to how we all universally perceive content.

Netflix uses four categories of fonts to influence the psychology of person browsing through the platform.

  • Handwritten (personal, playful)
  • Modern (forward-thinking, efficient)
  • Headline (bold, dramatic)
  • Decorative (quirky, fun)

One of the biggest lessons you can take from Netflix is their messaging architecture. The same key concepts can be applied when creating online personas. Visual cues play a major part in building out an online community, as well as the linguistics you choose to share with your target audience. A working mom’s perception will be entirely different than a 21-year old student (male) athlete.

When it comes to executing paid advertising, Netflix has a strategy like most other streaming platforms. When there is a new piece of content being released they run the appropriate ad campaigns. To further increase conversions they have went as far as dedicating AN ENTIRE SECTION to content scheduling.

These same concepts can be applied to your content marketing strategies as well. No matter what your target audience may be, one of the biggest advantages you can learn from Netflix is their play on human nature. People consume millions of pieces of content. The one thing that remains the same is how people overall perceive content. The chart above is a great example of how to take advantage of human psychology when it comes to messaging architecture and online behavior.

How Can You Use Data To Improve Content Marketing?

How does your target audience like to communicate?

What channels do they prefer to use? Email? Social? Direct Messaging?

Which content formats should you focus on?

Data-driven content strategies are a great way to connect with your target audience. This includes how your target audience chooses to communicate, the platforms they use to share content & what content gains the most traction. You can provide value through content and then see how your target audience responds to the information being presented.

Why Are Analytics Essential To Increasing Conversions?

Properly utilizing Analytics will allow you to create a cycle around your content. If you produce a piece of content that does well online, you can feature it in your email lists and go further by advertising it on Facebook. The key to Analytics is to continuously create value.

Analytics are essential when it comes to monitoring human behavior. This will help you to view how your target audience engages with your content & the actions they take after engaging. Once you have researched how your target audience communicates. It’s time to put an infrastructure in place to measure how they use your content to fulfill a need or solve a problem.

Analytics are a great way to measure your target audience’s activity. Everything from your website, email marketing campaigns and which content is shared the most on social media.

How Do You Create Conversations That Produce Value?

Your content has to create value by fulfilling a need or solving a problem. This is why content marketing has become such a valuable part of business. Paid advertising can easily get phased out and ignored. Content marketing can put your business in a position to not only sell services and products, it will position you as a reliable source of information.

So when your target audience is in a situation to make a purchase. Your business will be at the top of their mind and it goes from a transaction to a trusted relationship. Once you have identified how your target audience communicates and have your Analytics in place to measure online behavior.

You can now begin to focus producing value within your online community, channels and social media. The last piece of the pie when it comes to increasing conversions is using content marketing to your advantage. This includes everything from messaging, data and analytics to produce valuable content that increase conversions.

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