How To Develop A Repeatable Life Cycle For Content Marketing

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Repeatable life cycles are one of the most valued, yet overlooked tools when it comes to content marketing, branding & content strategy. Why? Developing a repeatable life cycle will allow you to improve every facet of your content creation efforts when it comes to people, process and technology. It will put you in a position to have a constant focus on how to improve your content, reach your target audience and be more efficient when it comes to workflow.

Content marketing is ALL about creating conversations. By developing a repeatable life cycle, you can strategically communicate through branding, messaging and product/service offerings. The six step process is a designed to ensure effectiveness, accountability and help to develop standards when it comes to performing up to expectations. I believe all business owners can relate when it comes to maintaining a certain quality of work. Whether it be advertising, content creation or brand promises.

Developing a repeatable life cycle for content marketing will help you build a solid infrastructure, focus on reaching customers and increase productivity when it comes to workflow. The six steps are as follows:

  1. Plan
  2. Create
  3. Publish
  4. Distribute
  5. Analyze
  6. Govern

If you notice the “repeatable life cycle’ process goes from inside-to-outside, back to inside.

  • INSIDE = Plan, Create.
  • OUTSIDE = Publish, Distribute.
  • INSIDE = Analyze, Govern.

Below, I am going to discuss the different “Inside-to-Outside” components associated with a repeatable life cycle.

PLAN, CREATE – This overall aspect of the process will allow you to execute a plan that is both tailored for flexibility and adaptability. While laying down the infrastructure to continuously engage with your online community. A repeatable life cycle is almost comparable to a recipe that requires constant experimentation and only gets better with time. The beauty behind this piece of the process is that the “art of creation” stays the same, while your planning and execution should become more strategic.

PUBLISH, DISTRIBUTE – This step in the process will always have a direct focus on your target audience. This includes how, when & where you engage with them. This aspect of the repeatable life cycle is coupled with messaging architectures and business objectives. A repeatable life cycle will serve every purpose when it comes to content strategy, developing a formula and deciding what content works best for your brand. This piece of the process will have a direct focus on content formats and how can you best communicate with your audience.

ANALYZE, GOVERN – Organization is key! This aspect of the process will allow you to increase productivity and have a set plan in place for employees, contractors and vendors to follow without having to continually devote energy to reiterating your content creation process. Everything becomes automatic, which in return allows for more freedom to execute ideas and create.

Hence, the “repeatable” life cycle.

The biggest advantage of a repeatable life cycle is that it makes the process of content marketing “that” much easier. Why? Your approaching each experiment with a little bit more knowledge about what works and what doesn’t. It’s classic ‘action’ and ‘reaction’. The process in itself allows for calculated risks that produces results. This in return will help you make better decisions in the future when it comes to implementation and planning.

It’s better to have a repeatable life cycle in place, than to not have one. It’s almost like trying to build a house without a blueprint. It might be possible, yet if something goes wrong. Where would you start making adjustments? That’s the type of radical mindset shift you have to embrace when it comes to content marketing.

In the next couple of weeks I am going to be discussing content marketing, branding and content strategy in further detail. Including how you can create content that ties your business objectives, goals and how to consistently meet your achievement thresholds.

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