How To Create Magic Content

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How do you consistently create content that is both fulfilling and mesmerizing for your target audience? It all starts with information and being able to transform that knowledge into a medium that serves many purposes. The idea behind creating magic content starts with creating conversations, priming your target audience for discovery and satisfying a need at any given time.

For any content creator, business owner or entrepreneur. It’s about embracing a mindset shift and viewing a piece of information as an infinite element that can be transformed into something that is both captivating and enchanting. For some of you this may be natural territory, for others it’s a foreign land. That is why I’m here to help you along your journey. When it comes to content creation, it’s essential to be open to all possibilities. Why?

There are thousands of new software applications popping up every year that allow you to create magic and enhance the experience surrounding your brand. At the same time, it’s essential to have a solid foundation when it comes to embracing concepts that have an infinite amount of opportunities. Gaining a solid concept of these ideas surrounding magic content will allow you to achieve what was otherwise thought to be impossible.

Let’s take a look below.


Information is the one key component of creating magic content. Having the information that people need will allow you to consistently build upon what’s fact and what’s opinion. While improving the overall experience for your target audience. For example, you can have cook book with a thousand different recipes. The magic happens when you transform that information into something tangible, like a YouTube video. Where your target audience can see your content come to life. This brings me to my next component of creating magic content, which is substance.


Substance is about what & how you want to communicate to your target audience. This also includes utilizing the different content formats (text, audio & video). When it comes to connecting with your target audience, how you choose to communicate plays a deeper role in content creation altogether. Why? Substance is the vehicle that will help you achieve your business objectives. Whether it be building an online community, fostering feedback or increasing engagement.

Knowing how your target audience communicates will allow you to turn that information into the proper content formats (text, audio & video). Once you have a good idea of all the moving parts surrounding your information, only then can start to unlock the infinite possibilities that come with creating magic content. To reiterate, creating magic content is about building on top of what’s already present and being able to effectively communicate your message across all mediums.


Creating content for today’s online consumer is about transforming information into whatever you need it to be (Newsletters, tweets, Facebook posts, Speaking engagements, etc). Structure is the last component of creating magic content, which embraces flexibility and relies heavily on how you choose to organize the information around your content. Structure is about embracing the many platforms and what they have to offer your business. For instance, interacting with your target audience will be inherently different from Facebook to Twitter to your Website.

On one side, you own the data and on the other side you can pay for access to data. When creating magic content it’s important to embrace what each platform has to offer your business. This will increase your overall opportunities and allow you to consistently shift between mediums by using the same information. While fine tuning the overall structure of your magic content, it’s important to keep messaging in mind. Along with what you want to accomplish overall in the future.

In conclusion, creating magic content is about transforming information into an infinite element that is both captivating and enchanting. That speaks to the overall wants and needs of your target audience.

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