Content Marketing & The Law of Trust

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Exactly, how important is trust when it comes to content marketing? Very, top of the list, numero uno, cream of the crop, etc. Before you do anything else, focus on building trust with your target audience. Like any relationship we share as human beings, your success is based on the amount of trust shared between two “ready & willing” parties.

You can know everything about a demographic, but without trust it doesn’t matter. They won’t consume your content, buy your products or spread the word about your brand. This is why ‘The Law of Trust‘ is such a hot topic within content marketing. Because once you gain that trust, you should do everything within your means to cultivate that relationship with your target audience.

This is why your content needs to connect with your target audience to your brand. What vehicles are viable? On which platforms do your target audience consume the most content? Your prospects need to have a level of trust that is unrivaled. When it comes to consuming your content. For example:

  1. They know what they are getting.
  2. They feel satisfied with the value being presented.

Building bonds with consumers is like any other situation where a person has to to take a risk. Is there a fear of failure combined with the perception of risk. The key to converting prospects into customers is to continuously build that level of trust to a point where there’s little or no perceived risk at all. This is why branding is so important.

Once a certain amount of people have accepted your content as the go-to status quo, it’s mainly about maintaining the brand and providing consistent quality. Even if you’re solely a content creator and your business is creating conversations. Think about it like this: The best leaders listen and no one ever listened their way out of a conversion.

So how do you listen when your focus is creating content? You use ALL the tools at your disposal:

  • Emails
  • Comments
  • Social Media
  • Reviews

Building trust is about providing clarity as well. So if someone leaves a comment or review. Take this as the perfect opportunity to build a bond and provide value. The most successful companies are great at solving problems, whether they are big or small. Potential customers and consumers of your content will view your product or service as an avenue to fulfill a need or solve a problem.

That is what ‘The Law of Trust’ provides within content marketing. The best content doesn’t need to be sold because it is continuously creating value for those consuming it. Building these relationships based on trust will put you in a position to be viewed a problem-solver, helper and a source of reliable information.

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