Content Marketing: How To Go From ‘Good’ To ‘Great’

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What makes great content, great content? Often at times, we see a finished product and don’t account for the countless hours of trial and error that go into creating content. For anyone who’s ever achieved anything great in life, you can completely understand the amount of effort that comes with ‘going from good to great‘.

It’s no different with content marketing, as with anything in life. Greatness requires practice and practice makes perfect. Be sure NOT to confuse the two, in content marketing it’s all about positioning. Focusing solely on perfection can result in stagnation, on the other hand you can aim for greatness from any position.

When you do get in position, you have to account for branding, your target audience and your team as a whole.

I like to say,

‘You can’t practice if you’re not in position and if you’re not in position you can’t perfect your craft‘.

Greatness comes from practice, more importantly figuring out what you’re great at and continuing to reiterate is key when it comes to your success. Most importantly, find that sweet spot and continue to work towards that common goal.

Always remember, perfection can cause stagnation, while aiming for greatness can help you consistently hit a moving target.

Take the shot, make the move.

Identify what you’re good at and keep reiterating, practicing, adjusting & fine tuning your approach.

In this article, I am going to be discussing:

  1. Why you should ALWAYS adapt to new technologies.
  2. How to adjust when your business objectives change.
  3. How to adapt your process when your team changes.

Let’s get started below.

Adapting To New Technologies

Everyday is a new opportunity to get better. No matter how many routines you have in place, no single day will be exactly the same as the next. When it comes to content marketing, that idea is a very peculiar paradox to grasp. The one constant variable is your business and new technologies are the unknowns.

One of the best things about content marketing is that people will always lean towards new technology. It’s in our biological make-up as human-beings and that’s one thing you can use to your advantage. Whether it’s a new app, social media platform or a new algorithm on Instagram. It’s your responsibility to meet your target audience where they live. The Internet is a constantly evolving ecosystem and it’s your job to create an online journey map that consistently presents value.

Aligning Your Business Objectives

Going from ‘good’ to ‘great’ will require you to adjust to the times. Success in content marketing relies heavily on your ability to create conversations around your brand, services and/or products. Aligning your business objectives around these conversations are more about putting yourself in the best position possible when it comes to content reiteration.

Keep in mind — your core business is the constant variable and new technologies are the unknown. When the opportunity to create value arises, take the opportunity to pivot and showcase your agility. This goes back to figuring out what you’re good at and building around those strong points.

New Team = New Process

In the World of content marketing and business in general, people will come and go. Your content dream team will never stay the same, as people leave your organization, get promoted and enter new roles. This is the last piece of going from ‘good’ to ‘great’. Not only should you reiterate your content process, you should reiterate when it comes to your content team as well.

It’s best to figure out a person’s strong points and work around those versus placing expectations around those who have a totally different set of capabilities. Anything can happen, you never know. You could find your next superstar, the key is to let them play the position.

Trust people to do their job, your success a leader and business owner will greatly depend on your ability to manage your team and more importantly, manage personalities.

Content marketing is all about increasing your odds of success when it comes to meeting business objectives, building a brand and achieving your goals. This why you take the time to identify your target audience, communicate with all the appropriate parties to figure out what kind of content to create and set up a content framework to ensure your content is searchable, accessible and speaks to your target audience.

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