Content Marketing: How To Utilize The Growth Mindset

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Utilizing a growth mindset is essential for every business that’s dedicated to content marketing. Why? It’s not only about increasing revenue and reaching more people, utilizing the growth mindset in content marketing creates value through failure. This failure allows for more opportunity to practice and the concept of ‘practice’ allows for improvement.

Building digital assets & properties can be viewed in the same sense as building houses. The process itself, stays the same but the more & more you practice. The better and more efficient your process becomes. When you are beginning your journey with content marketing, failure is a necessary step on your path to success.

In the business world, we can become trapped in the “Point A (plan) to Point B (execute)” mindset. Where in the content marketing world, we have to shift our mindset to focus on what is happening in between ‘Point A and Point B’. This transition is where the real value is created.

Utilizing the growth mindset is where you can focus on content marketing strategies, such as:

  • Which channels are best for distribution?
  • What kind of promotions can I use to increase revenue?
  • Is there a different way to promote my services/products?
  • Which channels perform the best for my target audience?
  • What other target audiences need my services/products?
  • What are the main re-investment opportunities? Advertising or Infrastructure?
  • How can we improve brand visibility? Which target audience do we need to be in front of the most?
  • How can we create more ‘FOMO’ (Fear Of Missing Out) Opportunities?

As you can see, the middle of the content marketing process is where the actual learning begins. From my experience, it’s a beautiful feeling to see the opportunities open up and the changes taking effect. Once you’ve embraced failure, it’s all about the probability game.

How can you successfully and consistently increase the odds?

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