How To Manage Your Content Like A Product

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It’s time for a little business analysis. Do you approach your content marketing efforts with the same energy as you do with your products or services?

In all reality, your content should be treated like any other asset that fuels your business. In today’s world, content remains king. Whether it be through more traditional avenues like Word-of-Mouth marketing or print advertising. No matter the channel, content continues to drive the sales cycle and buying process.

Apple’s product launches are the perfect case study when it comes to creating value around product-based content.


Apple has strategically placed the focus back on customers by consistently addressing the needs of their consumers through productivity, simplicity & style. This approach to re-iteration was mastered by Steve Jobs and continues to be a mainstay within the tech & content marketing community.

The key is to focus on the people, not the content.

  • How does your content address a need or want?
  • Are you entertaining or informing?

No matter the size of your business, reaching people and building relationships should be your main goal and content marketing is the perfect vehicle to help you do that. The first step in this process is the mindset shift.

Stop viewing content marketing in the same light as traditional advertising, and start viewing it from a perspective of an asset that connects you to your customer.

Simply put, produce content that creates value. Figure out ways to increase share-ability while also creating connections that will produce dividends. The key is to focus on quality! You’ll be surprised how far clean aesthetics can take you, especially online. Quality will only increase the value being that is being presented.

There are two main objectives that you need to achieve when it comes to managing your content like a product.

  1. Your content needs to communicate and create conversations with your target audience.
  2. Your approach to content should be like any other company asset. It needs to have a strategy backed by organized action.

The biggest key to managing your content like a product is control. You control what people experience, how they consume it and even when they consume it. Human nature is the biggest edge that you have as a business owner.

Steve Jobs understood this to a T. In our everyday lives, we are constantly looking for better solutions to everyday problems. No matter what industry you’re in, your job is to be in position (with a solution), helping people to solve those everyday problems.

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