How To ‘Effectively’ Communicate Using Content Marketing

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When it comes to content marketing and communicating ‘effectively’; information is the name of the game. Even more important is how you present that information to your target audience. When it comes to planning your marketing campaigns always start with the people.

What are you trying to say? Who are you saying it to? And who’s going to say it? As we’ve seen with many politicians and public officials, language can be extremely persuasive when used constructively. This is why content marketing focuses on branding, messaging and using visuals to communicate.

The next step in the process involves your team. We live in a World where content is King and everyone has a role within that Kingdom. Always remember, when it comes to content marketing people are powerful, whether they are working with you or a part of your target audience.

So what’s next for content marketing? A recent study from PwC predicts that by 2030 close to 23.5 million jobs will use the Metaverse for functions such as education, meetings and customer service. Naturally, the Metaverse will also include popular online activities such as shopping and social media.

Victoria Petrock, a technology analyst says,

“It’s the next evolution of connectivity where all of those things start to come together in a seamless, doppelganger universe, so you’re living your virtual life the same way you’re living your physical life.”

I believe the pandemic only sped up the process when it comes to how important it will be to effectively use content to communicate. Not only from a data perspective but because people are increasingly buying into what it truly means to consume content as a collective. Using the Internet as a tool allows Us, as business owners to share experiences, engage in a sense of community and embrace culture.

The true power lies in how can you bring together the different aspects of your organization to not sell a product, but to present a genuine solution to a problem.

Content Marketing: People & The Process

Let me repeat: People Are Powerful. Why? The Internet is evolving right before our eyes into something bigger than just advertising and connecting with new people. As we are presently witnessing with Meta, formerly known as Facebook. The Internet has evolved into a place where we share experiences, discover new trends and even engage in economic activity without leaving the comfort of our homes.

Like I mentioned earlier, it all begins with people & process. I’ve discussed many times on this blog the importance of content reiteration. Which is not only figuring out whats works best, but continuing to get better. Content marketing requires a certain energy that has to be second nature. Imagine attending a business meeting with a new client or investors. What would you want your first impression to be?

There’s a sweet spot in content marketing where you can tap into key trends while also applying valuable information and the process: target audience, your team and content reiteration. For me, it’s always been people, communicating, connecting the dots and meeting new faces.

So online and offline, I’m more engaged in networking and placing an intentional focus on getting the right people to the right places for the right reasons. It’s all about how you approach content that makes the difference. There’s truly an art to creating value and effectively using content to communicate. One key is to always ask yourself, ‘What am I trying to say?’

Service businesses for example are great at producing content that connects their offline values with their online values. Just look at any major grocery chain. So for instance, who has:

  • Low prices?
  • Everything you need?
  • Great customer service?
  • The local favorite?

That is the beauty of effectively using content to communicate. Be who you are and accentuate that experience through content. Many other service businesses place a focus on customer service, creating a smooth, clean and head ache free experience. No matter what you do as a business ask yourself, what’s the energy surrounding my ambiance? For instance, can you imagine walking into CAKE and smelling fresh lavender.

In sports, all the glory goes to the game winner but in content marketing, it’s all about the game changer.

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