How To Create Customer Personas For Social Media

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When it comes to social media and building a business. The results of your efforts can be life-changing, from connecting with like-minded individuals to embracing people who embody your brand. It’s all about your approach and how you choose to present your content to your target audience

The biggest benefit to creating customer personas on social media is to help you understand your target audience on a level that speaks to their souls.

Social media personas is an identity profile for your customers. Not necessarily a real-live human being, just a profile that is designed to pinpoint what people care about and how they consume content. Online personas can help you gain a deeper knowledge of your user outside of what channels they use to communicate and what products they frequently buy.

Creating online personas for social media should be viewed as an ongoing project, as technology and data continue to evolve. Reaching customers who consume your content will allow you to pinpoint behavioral patterns and purchasing power. Activities like purchasing decisions, behavioral patterns and motivations are held in higher regard when it comes to identifying your target audience.

As you dive deeper, and deeper into content creation. You will begin to understand your target audience on an intimate level. For example, the tone of voice they respond to and the more relevant the content, the better the results. That’s the beauty of content creation.

Depending on the size of your company, will ultimately determine how many personas you need to create. If your entertaining a global audience, many personas will needed throughout your social media platforms vs. operating in your local community, which will require a lesser subset of customer personas.

It’s all about combining patterns, preferences and choices that point people in a certain direction. What’s motivates your customer? Is it the peace of mind behind knowing that they are purchasing a quality product? Is it bringing them a certain sense of accomplishment by purchasing your service?

All of these factors will help you to create a better understanding around your customer personas.

Why Use Customer Personas On Social Media

  1. Identify Target Audience — Social media is a great way to — not only — identify your target audience, but what type of content works best. The beauty of content marketing is that it is still heavily reliant on human nature. People are generally drawn to engaging conversations and different perspectives. By producing content that speaks to the interests of your customers, you will keep them coming back for more.
  2. Get Everyone Marching To The Same Beat — When it comes to your content creation team, unity is the name of the game. If you have an in-house operation or hire talent. It’s important to understand who you’re talking to and what you want to accomplish. This will allow you to be better equipped when making pivots or fine-tuning your approach.
  3. “Get In The Zone, Stay In The Zone” — Customer personas for social media is a great way to help you understand who’s exactly consuming your content. It’s about creating an environment that promotes conversation, engagement and helps to uplift all parties involved. This is usually the aspect of social media that helps to transform a business, when everything seems to be clicking. Engagement is high and your community starts to flourish around the right individuals.

How To Use Customer Personas

Collect information — You can present surveys, review comments on social media, use Google Analytics, online reviews, etc. Data is key when it comes to creating online personas. Remember, you want to focus on behavioral patterns and purchasing decisions vs. just demographics. This will help you effectively address needs when it comes to creating content and forming strategic partnerships.
Identify groups —  If your audience self-identifies this is a BIG plus. Why? There should already be a fabric in place for you to piggy back off of when it comes to content consumption. A great example of a ‘self-identifying’ group are writers on Twitter. If you follow the hashtag #Crypto, you’re probably aware of the strength of this flourishing community and its ability to connect similar mindsets worldwide. By effectively, identifying your target audience within the community you can begin to create content tailored to their needs.
What are the significant characteristics of the target audience? — This can include everything from the technology being used to the wording of choice. This can include core values, the emotions being evoked from content consumption and the connecting the dots to ensure this online persona is appropriate for your brand.

Below is a keynote by Tom Bilyeu and his unique perspective around being an entrepreneur and creating customer personas for social media. If you’re not aware of Tom Bilyeu’s podcast, be sure to check it out!

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