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Our mission is to help business owners, brands & independent professionals achieve success by learning, incorporating and executing comprehensive strategies that help save money and time.


As a Digital Consultant, I identify, embrace and leverage technology as a service with the goal of creating insights and enabling profitability for my clients.

I am fluent in both predominant and emerging marketing technologies. I also help clients select, deploy and leverage the best marketing/advertising technologies to meet their specific needs.

I can assist and help you develop the skills necessary for utilizing analytics, developing technology resources and hyper-connecting them for your purposes.

Content Writing – Upwork

I assist clients by:

  • Creating content marketing campaigns to drive leads and subscribers.
  • Using SEO best practices to generate traffic to client website or blog.
  • Regularly produce various content types, including email, social media posts, streaming media and blogs.
  • Actively manage and promote client blogs, and pitch articles to relevant third-party platforms.
  • Edit content produced by other members of the team.
  • Analyze content marketing metrics and make changes as needed.
  • Collaborate with other departments to create innovative content ideas.

Online Courses – 0 to 1 Million

I teach online courses in music marketing, streaming and touring. I wanted to create a community where I can help artists & music professionals learn how to accomplish their goals concerning music streaming and distribution.

Then once they have reached those goals, let’s create a path moving forward on what needs to be done as far as executing on performing live, touring and the difference between staying independent and signing a record deal.

For a free consultation email me at contact@227-mn.com


My Speaking

Are you are looking for engaging speakers on marketing, branding & social media?

If you need people that are passionate about educating and inspiring your audience, consider Nick Wyatt for your next event.

  • Conferences
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Government, Law Enforcement & Associations
  • Companies & Organizations
  • Rotary Clubs & Chamber of Commerce

Our Strengths

  • We pride ourselves on being able to reduce your marketing & advertising functions into comprehensible pieces that are easy to understand and execute.
  • Feel free to follow us on social media. We just don’t tell you what to do hoping it works. We have implemented and executed these same marketing & advertising campaigns for our own businesses. Enabling us to help you implement and repeat successful marketing campaigns. Overall, we can help you increase your chances of meeting your goals and achieving objectives.

Check us out and stay connected!!


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