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227 | Social+Digital offers consulting services and online courses that help businesses, brands and organizations discover the audience they want to reach, by gathering insight and intelligence on their target market.

We then help businesses develop strategies and tactical plans that help them connect their brands, products and services to their target market.



Content Marketing & Advertising

Social Media Set-up

Social Media Campaigns

Social Media Management

Digital Marketing Campaigns


Digital Development

Email & Newsletters

Integrated Marketing

Music Releases

Product Launches

Concert & Event Promotion


Best Practices

Continual Learning

Brand Development/ Voice

Our consulting services and online courses are designed for brands, businesses and organizations that want to:

  • Build Brand-Awareness
  • Influence The Acceptance & Promotion of Products or Services
  • Generate Website & Social Network Traffic
  • Viral Buzz & Songs
  • Incoming Links To Their Website For Search Engine Optimization Purposes

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